about —

Yep, it’s about to get personal.

What exactly is it that you do?

On paper, HR has me down as a Senior User Experience Designer. In real life, I like to think of myself as a freelance world traveler, an amateur bodybuilder (I just love food too much to go pro), but most importantly, I am a full time problem solver. The tools I use to perform my job are various processes and methodologies founded in proper design thinking. I’m an autonomous, driven product designer and a skilled advocate for the user.

By working closely with cross-functional teams, I have come to appreciate more and more the art of collaborative effot. This includes (but certainly not limited to) visual and interaction designers, product managers, copywriters, developers, operations, sales, marketing and more. I pride myself in my ability to innovatively strategize, conceptualizing, and orchestrate turly engaging customer experiences accross a product’s entire lifecycle. 

How did you get into design?

A series of mistakes actually. I went to school for film, but ended up switching to marketing, then media production, then international business, then undeclared. I eventually ended up working at a gym that needed some design work, and ended up using the little design I knew from playing with the Adobe Suite in my highschool days. Eventually, close friends and other employees at the gym took notice and told me, “You should do this full time!”

I never thought I could make a living through design, after all, it had always been a hobby and passion for me. However, I got my associates in graphic design, slowly began to do more digital, less print work, and before I knew it, the term “UX” was birthed and thought to myself, “Hey, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all this time.”

“My passion for computers goes way back to when I was a young child in Brazil. I remember taking shoe boxes and drawing out screen interfaces on the bottom part and a fully ‘functioning’ keyboard from the lid. Talk about creativity!”

What’s your current setup & process like? (#NerdAlert)

I try to keep my set up as minimal as possibble. Right now, I work off a 15” MacbookPro Retina Display w/ Touch Bar (Yep, #AppleFanboy alert), a 22” ViewSonic external monitor, a wireless Apple Magic Mouse, a black Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, 0.38, and some good old paper. 

As far as software, I use Heaven sent Sketch, for user flows, wireframes, lo-fi/hi-fi comps, mockups, prototyping (Using InVision’s Craft Suite), visual design, removing warts, you name it! I also dabble in motion design using Principle for Mac, and Keynote — which has been a major life saver for pitching business case to execs or presenting to a client. 

How can I learn more about you?

I’m really friendly and always up to making new acquaintances. I’m also fairly active on social media. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Behance or LinkedIn. Or just get in touch. Whether you have a project you’d like to tackle or want to bounce off some ideas, an app you’d like to critique, or just want to talk about how much better Macs are than PCs, I’m here for you.